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Hello To All from AlyssaLynn Catalanotto Pelham Girl Scouts Troop 1655

I would like to say “Thank You All!”  During “Mud Week” -- Feb. 22-24, I spent time at St. Augustine Academy, located in Bridgeport, Ct.  working with the fourth graders. It was extremely rewarding and eye opening to know how fortunate we all are living in this amazing town called Pelham!


What a great pleasure this was for me.  I have truly enjoyed working on my Gold Award Project “Literacy Lasts a Life Time” that I have decided to keep on doing it in hopes of watching he children grow and graduate from St. Augustine Academy.

Books are definitely an essential in everybody’s life!


The children enjoyed learning how to make their very own books.  Some children made Recipe books, Poetry books, Artist books, Journals, etc, etc, etc.  The next day the children were still working on their books, with some recipes, drawing, songs and art work.  I loved assisting the children because it reminded me of my Journey “GilrTopia” -- We Are All An Artist in Our own Special way.


These children have many talents including working on a song called, “Let’s Read”. Everyone enjoyed the music lesson. Please go to Facebook and look under My troop Leaders facebook account Toni-Lynn Catalanotto. You will see my post and some videos from the time I spent at St. Augustine Academy School.


I also put aside 515 books and organized a Scholastic Fair from that grade level.   Even though this school goes from fourth grade to eighth grade, I was collecting books from first grade to tenth grade for these children.


I went out and bought bags for the children to go shopping for themselves and for their family’s to give as gifts.  They had so much fun shopping for their books to take home for themselves and loved ones.


Although I was able to get great books, I’m back and looking for a couple of requests: Diary of the Wimpy Kid, Dork Diaries, Captain Underpants, Comic books, Star Wars, Super Heroes and Dr. Seuss.


Any of these would be greatly appreciated!


Scarsdale Public Library generously donated 500 hundred books for me to be able to continue with this project next year!


I want to say “THANK YOU!” to everyone, from Pelham Girl Scouts, neighbors, friends, family near and far.  Also, I am so greatful for Social Media such as Facebook and Instagram, this was a big help to get it out there for others to see and help.


The motto for the library at St. Augustine Academy’s Library is “Free Books! For Every One, Every Day! Take One, Give One, Keep One, Pass One Along, Share One, Love One, Reread One, Repeat!


If you have any books you would like to donate please email me at loveof4@gmail.com “Let’s Recycle and Reuse”



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