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Childs and DeDomenico Run for Re-Election to Pelham Board of Education

Sue Childs and Jessica DeDomenico are thrilled to be running for re-election to the Pelham Board of Education. During their past three years of board service, Childs and DeDomenico have broadened their knowledge about the incredible amount of work that goes into running and maintaining a high-performing school district. This work includes the ongoing development of academic and curriculum programs, as well as a sustainable financial model for maintaining programs, facilities and instruction.  Childs and DeDomenico have each served as President and Vice-President and they have chaired and served on a variety of district and board committees.  They are proud of the accomplishments of the Board during their service to the District including:


  • The hiring of Dr. Champ, who has proven to be a thoughtful, innovative and steady leader during any time or circumstance.
  • The passage of two bond referendums to build a new Hutchinson School and update many other facilities in the district.
  • The passage of thoughtful and responsible tax-cap compliant budgets that reflect  strategic priorities.
  • The purchase of property on Pelhamdale Avenue to expand the property adjacent to Colonial and house administrative teams.
  • The development of a new strategic plan that builds on the success and strengths of prior plans.
  • The hiring of key administrative leaders including Jim Hricay, Julia Chung, John Condon, Greg Lau and, most recently, Mark Berkowitz and Farid Johnson.
  • The transition to remote learning over the past few months of the COVID-19 crisis and their continued efforts to improve and adapt to the circumstances.


Childs’ experience with the Pelham schools began many years ago, when she entered Prospect Hill School as a student in Kindergarten. In the years since graduating from Pelham Memorial High School, she went on to Colby College and Columbia Business School and has raised two children in Pelham; a daughter who is now graduating college and a son who is a PMHS senior.  Childs is a life-long believer in public education and is deeply committed to Pelham’s mission to educate all students. “I am proud of and indeed, humbled by the work our teachers, administrators, staff, and students do every day to make themselves, and our schools better. Especially in these challenging times, it is very clear that the Pelham community puts our schools, and our students, first.”


Childs has relied on her long history in Pelham and service to other organizations including Bank Street College of Education, The Pelham Art Center, The Junior League, Pelham Rec Soccer, County Harvest and Friends of Pelham Sports to give her perspective on our broader community and best practices in education. Professionally, she is the Chief Marketing Officer for ComplySci, a regulatory software company, and she has used her professional skills to complement her work on the BOE.


Jessica DeDomenico and her husband have lived in Pelham for 15 years and they are proud to be raising and educating their four sons here. From her first neighbors in Prospect Hill, to the connections she has made at Colonial School, the Middle School, and on the sports fields each week, DeDomenico has had the opportunity to meet people from every corner of town. As a member and Past President of the Junior League of Pelham and volunteer for Colonial, County Harvest, PACT, the Pelham Library, and The Picture House, DeDomenico has fully immersed herself in the life of our town.  Her diverse connections to people throughout both Villages has helped her balance the many different viewpoints, beliefs, values and needs of the people in Pelham during her time on the Board.


DeDomenico is also a strong believer in public school education. Not only is she a product of public schools, including the University of Virginia, she has worked in public schools for most of her 15-year career.  Since she graduated from Teachers College, Columbia University with a Master's in Counseling Psychology, DeDomenico has worked as a high school counselor in Rye and Mamaroneck, and at the French-American School of NY.  Her tenure working with students, teachers and administrators in schools has given her a deep understanding of the learning profiles students need to be successful in college. “Success is different for each student, so as a board member, I have been committed to making balanced and informed decisions with an eye toward helping each student in our school district have access towards reaching his or her own potential.”


It has been an honor for Sue Childs and Jessica DeDomenico to serve the Pelham Community on the Board of Education.  While board longevity has always been important to the health of a school board, board continuity and experience will be more important than ever as they face the changing landscape before them.  They are optimistic about the future of Pelham and it’s excellent schools and will do everything they can to keep them strong and resilient in the years ahead.