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Second Annual “Empathy Towards All” Volleyball Tournament Held

at Pelham Middle School

by Stephen E. Lipken


The Second Annual “Empathy Towards All” (ETA) Volleyball Tournament was held at Pelham Middle School on Saturday, March 30, organized once again in conjunction with the Pelham Police Department by Girl Scout Troop # 1662 member Kimberly Rosell, as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award, received on March 9th.


The Tournament began with vigorous slam-bang action from the 11 teams, Au Poors; Birthday Waffles; Crew 42; Frank’s Ducklings; The Help (Girl Scout and community leaders); Pelham Varsity Volleyball Team, (PVVB); Taco Tuesdays; Girl Scout Troops 1662, 1667; Pelham Village Board and Police Benevolent Association (PBA).


“What a fantastic day this has been,” Pelham Chamber of Commerce President Clayton Bushong stated. “Kimberly has done such great stuff for this community.  She is an inspiration for scouts and young girls in Pelham. We will miss her as she goes off to school and hope that somebody takes her lead…”


“It is really incredible what Kimberly has been able to do,” Mayor-Elect Chance Mullen added. “That is not surprising; the Rosell family has been such an incredibly active family in this community for a really long time.”


“I chose volleyball because I know this sport like the back of my hand,” Rosell said. “I have been playing since Middle School and Pelham Memorial High School Volleyball Coach Mark Finegan suggested that we have a Volleyball tournament…”


In addition, Detective John Hynes celebrated his 51st birthday and trophies were awarded to winners PVVB; Frank’s Ducklings, Best Dressed Trophy and PBA Team,  Sportsmanship Award.


Rosell began ETA in 2017, putting in over 300 hours of work with the goal of bringing Police and community closer together through sports and educational workshops, plus fundraising for a License Plate Reading System, donated to the  Pelham Police Department in 2018.




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