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By Yasmin Jorge


January 18, 2017 -- SICK ANIMAL/WILD LIFE

Police responded to a report of a sick or rabid raccoon on the property of a Randall Place resident.  Upon arrival, police observed a large raccoon in the rear yard at the location.  The animal was laying against the rear of the house, and appeared to be either injured or ill.  The raccoon was euthanized via department dart gun.  The used darts were secured and placed into a biohazard container for disposal.


January 21, 2017 -- SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY

A Wolfs Lane resident in Pelham Manor reported that two males had knocked on her door claiming to be Verizon workers.  However, she did not believe them and did not open her home door.  They left her property.  Police then interviewed the two individuals, found at the intersection of Wolfs Lane and the Esplanade, and they indeed worked for Verizon and were soliciting in the area.  The workers had a permit to solicit business in Pelham, but not in Pelham Manor.  The party was sent on their way.


January 21, 2017 -- ACCIDENT HIT AND RUN

A patron of Fairway Market in Pelham Parkway reported to police that while her car was parked in the parking lot, the vehicle was struck as she shopped in the store.  The car that had caused the minor damage had fled the scene prior to her arrival.


January 25, 2017 -- ANIMAL COMPLAINT

A parent complained that an unknown dog, possibly a pit bull, lunged at her daughter while she walked on the sidewalk in the vicinity of  Fourth Avenue and Second Street.  The parent further stated that the dog was being walked by leash by an unknown child approximately 11-12 years old at the time of the incident.  The daughter did not sustain any injuries nor was there actual physical contact with the dog.


January 25, 2017 -- FRAUD

The victim who resides on Fifth Avenue came into police headquarters to report that someone had used her debit card without permission. She was unable to log into her Eppi MasterCard online account.  She then called customer service who asked if she had made two purchases in Singapore.  The victim said she has never been out of the country.  Customer service flagged the transactions, but since they were not a bank, payments could not be stopped.  The card was immediately cancelled and the victim was issued a new one.



A child with a caregiver came to police headquarters to report that an unknown male (who was later identified) motioned the child over to his car twice.

The child felt this was an attempt to lure him into the vehicle.  However, following an investigation by Sergeant Green, it was determined that the driver only asked the child for assistance to put quarters into the meter.  The child agreed this was the case.  The driver, in deteriorating health and physical condition, stated that he would only seek help from adults to avoid future issues.


January 30, 2017 -- PROPERTY DAMAGE

Criminal mischief occurred at a Fifth Avenue office, and the victim stated that this has happened before.  The victim stated that when he came into the office, he observed broken glass on the floor.  He then saw a small window broken and a small black rock on the windowsill.  This window faces Fifth Avenue.

He then stated that the window must have been broken over the weekend, as it was in fine condition when he left the business on Friday 1/27.  The victim stated that neither he or the company has any issues with present or past employees.


January 30, 2017 -- AIDED CASE

Police received a call from a resident on Reed Avenue who had accidently dropped a pot of boiling water as she drained pasta onto her hands and wrists.  When police arrived on the scene, the officer applied ice packs to the victim’s burns, and a medic administered medical attention.  An ambulance was then called to transport the victim to Lawrence Hospital in Bronxville.


January 31, 2017 -- PROPERTY DAMAGE

A tree fell on a house on Young Avenue.  Both the home and the owner’s vehicle were damaged as a result.



Police received a call from the Pelham Public Library that an individual was asked to leave the premises.  He would leave but return again.  The suspect was gone when the police arrived.


February 1, 2017 -- ASSISTANCE

Pelham units assisted in a search for a suspect in a larceny from a vehicle on Highbrook Avenue in Pelham Manor.  The suspect was believed to have fled into the area of Pelhamdale and Colonial Avenues.  With the help of the Westchester County Police Aviation and K9 Unit, Pelham police canvassed all surrounding blocks.  The suspect was eventually located on Wolfs Lane.  No further police action was required, investigation closed.



The monitoring center operator for Fairway Market on Pelham Parkway reported to police that the commercial burglary alarm was activated.  She called a second time to report an additional activation point at a receiving manual door.  After the police investigated, the grocery retailer appeared secure.


February 1, 2017 -- LARCENY/VEHICLES PARTS

The victim who resides on Third Avenue came into the police headquarters to report his license plates to an old motorcycle had been stolen.  He stated that

he sold a 1997 Harley Davidson over a year ago and was mailed back the plates.  Yet, on 1/20/17 his license plate was photographed by NYPD speeding on a Kawasaki on the Grand Concourse by East 203 Street in the Bronx.  The victim then stated that he does not own a Kawasaki and thus the plates from him old motorcycle must have been stolen.  He received a summons because of the speeding Kawasaki with his stolen plates attached.


February 1, 2017 --  LARCENY FROM VEHICLE

A resident of Highbrook Avenue reported that loose change which was kept in zip-lock baggies were removed from his car.  An arrest was made of a young male, 18 years old, and the money was recovered for the victim.



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