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When Lunchtime rolls around everyone has their favorite sandwich. I checked around town and it seems to be a chicken or the egg competition, with many of the locals claiming that their Bacon, Egg and Cheese is their top seller. Another strong segment say that their chicken cutlet sandwiches are the winner – it just depends on the time of day. And a few others have a specialty niche creation that they are very proud of.


At the Village Vibe, owner, Jay Fatigate features chicken cutlets, fried or grilled, on 12 different sandwiches. While his menu is super varied, by far the big sellers are the “Lincoln Avenue” – Grilled Chicken, Buffalo Sauce, Jack Cheese, Lettuce and Ranch Dressing; and the “North Pelham” – Grilled Chicken, Broccoli Rabe and Mozzerella. In the morning (you guessed it) the Bacon, Egg & Cheese on a roll racks up the sales. Jay points out that his “Reuben” – Pastrami and Swiss cheese on Texas Toast is a personal favorite.


At Wolfs Lane Deli, the perfect lunch is the chicken cutlet sandwich on a wedge with lettuce, tomato and mayo. CJ has been making this sandwich for the High School kids for years. Many native Pelhamites go directly there when coming home for Thanksgiving Break. Forget the turkey dinner – this is the sandwich they have been craving.


Gourmet Express is renowned for the store’s Chicken Cutlets. Grilled or fried, they are great on a sandwich, and if you are watching those carbs opt to have it on top of fresh veggies from the huge salad bar.  Build your own creation at the deli counter. Sandwich master Avel created a special – Prosciutto de Parma with Mozzarella and sweet roasted peppers. He makes his sandwiches like works of art. They are thoughtfully layered with your choice of anything on top.  Everything is fresh, from the Arthur Avenue Italian Bread to a simple garnish. Customers have been known to order the cutlets to bring home for dinner. I can testify, it’s a handy and delicious short cut.


Brian Begos, owner of J Café, says one of his best sellers is the Hot Buffalo Chicken.  It really tastes like a plate of wings – it’s spicy hot, crispy breaded and thin sliced. To cool down the fire it is smothered in Blue Cheese dressing and garnished with shredded carrots and romaine lettuce. On the lighter side of the spectrum is the house made Chicken Salad with apples, raisins and walnuts, reminiscent of a Walfdorf. It is a customer favorite, tender grilled chicken with bright crisp notes from the fruit. Again here, in the morning, the Bacon Egg & Cheese is the sandwich to eat – in a wrap, roll or toast. It seems that by the clock – the egg comes before the chicken.


The Village Vibe

3 Fifth Avenue



J Café

129 Wolfs Lane



Wolfs Lane Deli

247 Wolfs Lane



Gourmet Express

924 West Street




Sandwiches – it’s a wrap…Part 1

Sandwich Master Avel at Gourmet Express showing his delicious creation -Prosciutto di Parma and Mozzarella with sweet roasted peppers.

Fancy open face sandwichs from Gourmet Express, prepared by Avel, Prosciutto de Parma with sprouts and tomato next to Avocado with sprouts and tomato  on toasted Italian bread.





Chicken Cutlet on a Wedge with lettuce tomato and mayo from Wolfs Lane Deli. Pelham High School’s lunch of Champions.

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wrap with creamy blue cheese dressing, carrots and romaine lettuce from JCafe

Jay Fatigate of the Village Vibe with his favorite lunch - A Ruben and a Smoothie

Village Vibe shows off the breakfast winner, Bacon, Egg and Cheese on a Kaiser Roll.

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