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Mayor Mullen Gives Some Optimistic News Regarding COVID-19

By Stephen E. Lipken


Village of Pelham Mayor Chance Mullen convened another “strange meeting,” on Tuesday, April 14th with Deputy Mayor Peter Potocki the only other person present; the rest of the Trustees appearing remotely.


Mullen relayed some good news regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.  “Up to date numbers are NYS 202,208; Westchester, 20,191 and Pelham 88. There is a fear that our numbers are going up at a steeper clip than what you are seeing in County and New York State,” Mullen said. “That is not accurate.  There are 8,000 cases in Westchester County not assigned, not yet part of Pelham’s numbers.  We will see our numbers starting to level off in the next 7 to 10 days.


“There are still fears, with a long road ahead.  But we do feel that what we are doing is working. Please stay home. Practice social distancing.  When you go to a store and are passing somebody, wear a face cover.”


Trustee Lisa Hill-Ries commended the Pelham Cares program created by Pelham Together, the Junior League of Pelham, Pelham Civic Association and the Pelham Chamber of Commerce for raising funds to purchase meals from local restaurants for hospital workers and first responders.


“Pelham House is keeping our relationship going,” Mullen added. “They are working on Phase 1 Environmental Studies and took outside pictures of the Firehouse; Fire Chief James DiNapoli took pictures inside.”


Regarding the 2020-2021 Tentative Budget, Mayor Mullen noted that Real Property Tax Levy increase is now 5.5%.  Real Property Tax Levy 2019-2020 was $11,273,257; increase $629,990, totaling $11,903,247 for 2020-2021; two factors are increases in garbage contract and spikes in State-related retiree costs. Questions can be answered at info@pelhamgov.com.


Then Resolutions were passed, authorizing Inter-Municipal Agreement between Westchester County and Village to provide updated radio equipment for Police, Fire Departments, hospitals and EMS, plus IMA between the City of New Rochelle and Village of Pelham for disposal of organic waste.