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Letters to the Editor:

Candidate Endorsements --  Louis Annunziata

To The Editor:


I am writing to express my support for Louis Annunziata for the Village of Pelham Manor Board of Trustees. Lou has been a great neighbor and a very effective advocate for the residents of Pelham Manor for more than 30 years, serving as Chairman of the Planning Board, Chairman of the Zoning Board and Village Trustee during that time.


During Lou’s service, the Village of Pelham Manor has implemented a robust recycling and composting program. In addition, Lou has been involved with the selection of the current Police Chief and with complex negotiations with labor unions regarding Village contracts. The experience he brings to the table is impressive.


Pelham Manor is fortunate to have Lou dedicate his experience and knowledge to the Village. I encourage all voters in Pelham Manor to join me in voting for Louis Annunziata for Trustee for the Village of Pelham Manor.


Thank you.


Eric Soderberg

989 Pelhamdale Avenue

Pelham Manor, NY




To the Residents of Pelham Manor,


In two weeks the Village pf Pelham Manor will be holding an election for two Trustee positions. One of the candidates, Louis Annunziata, is running for re-election as Trustee. Lou has provided 31 years of continuous and extraordinary service to this Village as Chairman of both the Planning and Zoning Boards and since 2011, as Village Trustee. In his capacity as Trustee, he has been the Commissioner of the Public Works and Police Departments as well as the Deputy Mayor. There is no current resident who comes close to this level of service to our Village, and I suspect no one in the past that can match his service either.


I have known Lou as both a friend and a village official for over 30 years. During that time Lou has always put the interests of the Village first. It is so important that we continue the tradition of nonpartisanship on our Village board. Although I am a registered Democrat I believe local village elections should have nothing to with one’s party affiliation. The only criteria should be experience and commitment to serve all the residents of our Village. Lou has demonstrated that in ‘spades” through his dedicated service over such a long period a time.


I considered it a privilege to vote for Lou, and I urge all residents to vote on Tuesday March 20 at the Firehouse for Louis Annunziata. We are very fortunate that Lou is willing to continue to serve our Village.




Ed Davey

1046 Prospect Ave.




To our neighbors in Pelham Manor,


We are very pleased to endorse Lou Annunziata for Trustee in Pelham Manor.


Lou’s service to our Village has been a labor of love for decades, first on the Planning Board, then on the Zoning Board and, most recently, on the Board of Trustees. His dedication to the Village and all of its residents has been remarkable.  Lou’s valuable experience in Village affairs, commitment to razor sharp budgeting and consensus-building relationships with fellow officials, employees and residents have long been a great benefit to our Village.  True public servants like Lou are rare and his commitment to nonpartisan local government for the benefit of all is an important part of what makes Pelham Manor such a wonderful place to live.


In our 20+ years in the Village, we have not met anyone more dedicated to Pelham Manor than Lou. As a Trustee, I was honored to serve with Lou while he was Chairman of the Zoning Board and, as Mayor, I was thrilled to have Lou bring his knowledge and enthusiasm to the Board of Trustees. A true family man who knows how to prioritize the important things in life, Lou and his late wife Lora raised their four daughters in the same home in which Lou continues to live. Lou’s love of Pelham Manor is so infectious that one of his daughters is now also a resident of the Village with her family.


Good, nonpartisan government in Pelham Manor thrives and serves all residents when outstanding people like Lou are involved. Smart, tireless and devoted to our residents, Lou has truly been a leader in making Pelham Manor such an inclusive and welcoming place to live and raise a family. Please join us in supporting an outstanding advocate for our Village, Lou Annunziata, on Tuesday, March 20 at the Firehouse.




Michelle and Jim O’Connor

628 Esplanade




To the Residents of Pelham Manor,


On Tuesday, March 20th please vote to re-elect Lou Annunziata as a Pelham Manor Trustee.


No one is more committed to our Village than Lou Annunziata.  Lou and his late wife Lora raised their four wonderful daughters here. He has served effectively in Village government for over 31 years on the Zoning Board of Appeals; the Planning Board; and, for the past 7 years, on The Board of Trustees.  Throughout his service Lou has focused on one goal – to improve the quality of life for all Pelham Manor residents. Lou has helped grow our tax base, kept our Village debt free and negotiated fair and responsible contracts with Village employees. We are fortunate that he wants to continue to serve.


Louis Annunziata has the skill, experience and commitment to keep our Village beautiful, safe and financially sound.  Please vote for Lou at the Firehouse on March 20th. We certainly will.




Elizabeth and Tom Lavin

419 Fowler Avenue




To the Editor,


We are writing to invite fellow residents to join us in voting for Lou Annunziata in the upcoming election for Pelham Manor Trustee.


Lou’s experience and knowledge of Village affairs, gained over his 31 years of service, are unparalleled.  His intelligence, creative problem solving skills and work ethic have benefited our village in many ways over those years.


Lou has helped countless residents find optimal solutions for home renovations within the framework of local zoning codes.  He has also played a key role in working with residential and commercial developers to produce solutions that help maintain the character of our village.


Lou has hands on experience in successfully negotiating labor contracts with both Police and Public Works Unions, which is important because wages and benefits account for approximately 80% of the Pelham Manor budget.


Having known him for more than 30 years, we can attest to Lou’s commitment to excellence in all endeavors he undertakes.


For these reasons, we feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to vote for such a qualified candidate.  We hope you will join us at the polls on March 20th to vote for Louis Annunziata for Trustee of Pelham Manor.




Lorri and Matt Gorman

4 Priory Lane

Pelham Manor




Dear Editor and Residents of Pelham Manor,


I am writing in support of Louis Annunziata for re-election as trustee to the Village of Pelham Manor Board.  He has been a resident of Pelham Manor for over 40 years.  Louis Annunziata and his late wife Lora raised their four daughters in the same home in which he continues to live today.  He is a graduate of Fordham University and Fairleigh Dickenson University School of Dentistry where he graduated with honors and specialty fellowships. He is a Pelham Manor dentist for over 30 years.  Louis Annunziata entered Pelham Manor government over 30 years ago to fulfill his civic responsibility.  He has chaired the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals.  As a member of the Board of Trustees, he served as the liaison for the Finance Administration and Intergovernmental Relations, Commissioner of the Department of Works and currently as the Police Commissioner and Deputy Mayor.


Louis Annunziata is a dedicated, competent, forward-thinking and fiscal prudent advocate for the village and residents of Pelham Manor.  He helped successfully negotiate labor contracts with both our DPW and police unions and was on the committee to select our current Police Chief.  As trustee, Louis Annunziata helped put forth and ratify annual balanced budgets that have stayed below the tax cap and has kept Pelham Manor debt free.  He worked on increasing our non-residential tax base with zoning changes which has created revenue generating commercial businesses in the Fairway and BJ’s plazas.


I am proud and privileged to know our neighbor, Louis Annunziata and urge all Pelham Manor residents to vote for him on Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at the Firehouse located at 4 Penfield Place (between Clay & Prospect) next door to the Police Station. Polling hours are from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM.  Hope to see you there.




David Figueroa

Pelham Manor Gardens












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