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Adjusted Base Proportions Announced; Town Adds Voice to Monopole Antenna Protest

By Stephen E. Lipken


Councilman Blake Bell announced the Resolution to adopt 2018 Adjusted Base Proportions for Town and School District at the Monday, October 1st Pelham Town Council meeting.


Adjusted Based Proportions, using the 2017 reference roll pursuant to Article 19, Real Property Tax Law for levy of Town and School taxes on 2018 final assessment roll are as follows: Town of Pelham: Homestead, 82.506116; Non-Homestead, 17.493884. Pelham School District: Homestead, 82.494269; Non-Homestead, 17.505731.


Town Supervisor Peter DiPaola called attention to some important dates, stating that Wednesday, October 17 is a Budget Workshop.  “Since November 12 is Veterans Day observed, our next meeting will be on November 19.  A Public Hearing for the Budget will be held on December 3, with adoption on December 17,” DiPaola said.


Deputy Supervisor Daniel McLaughlin noted that 2018 Novel Night on November 17 hosted in Pelham homes featuring a novel, food and drink with matching décor is sold out.  People can still attend the 9pm After Party at the New York Athletic Club.


After Party tickets can be purchased online for $100 at www.pelhamnovelnight.com; proceeds benefit the Pelham Public Library.


Finally, a letter signed by DiPaola, Councilmembers Blake Bell, Tim Case, Daniel McLaughlin and Rae Szymanski was submitted to Terrance Donoghue, New York State Department of Transportation Region 9 regarding a proposed Crown Communications New York, Inc. 130-foot “monopole” on NYSDOT lands east of Hutchinson Parkway Exit 9 at East Sandford Boulevard.


The communication reads in part, “Significantly, the radio communications structure is proposed at a location only yards away from…highly-trafficked destinations…Pelham Middle School, Pelham Memorial High School, Glover Field…used by all ages from T-Ball toddlers through all high school varsity athletes, playing fields of Franklin Field…Ingalls Field and Town of Pelham Public Library.


“It is in an area…subject to serious flooding…These facts alone warrant halting plans to construct such an enormous radio communications structure as proposed…”



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