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Letters to the Editor:

Candidate Endorsements --  Breda Bennett

Dear Editor,


It is with great pleasure that I write to endorse the candidacy of Bridget “Breda” Bennett for the position of Trustee with the Village of Pelham Manor.


I have known Breda and her family for the past 17 years.  They are terrific people.  I have worked with Breda professionally while I was the Town liaison to the Recreation Commission where Breda has served for the past 14 years.


Breda always proved herself to be meticulous in her work.  No stone was unturned with any task that she took on, and she is a tireless worker.  While she was chairperson, she and the Board took on the job of reorganizing the whole department.  There were difficult tasks to be handled in this process, and Breda took care of them with great precision, thought and insight.  She brought people together and worked through consensus.  She has vision to see how things should and could work best and carries them through.  Her work with the basketball league has been phenomenal with 500 Pelham children now involved in the recreational league.


I have also worked with Breda on various Town and Recreation issues.  Any time I have worked with Breda, everything is done exactly the way it is suppose to be done.


Breda would be an asset to our Board of Trustees and to our Village.  She is an advocate for all, committed to people and their needs, and she is a tireless worker.


Respectfully yours,


Dan McLaughlin

Deputy Town Supervisor of the Town of Pelham




Fran & Joe Nunziata Support  Breda Bennett’s Commitment to Volunteerism for Pelham Manor Trustee


Breda Bennett has proven time and time again that VOLUNTEERISM, coupled with experience, enthusiasm and a strong work ethic are the foundation for visionary initiatives that make a difference. Her involvement includes Pelham PACT Board of Trustees, Town of Pelham Recreation Commission, Pelham Booster Club, Little League… just to name a few. Sacrificing time and talent to create and maintain meaningful programs, projects and events in our community to help individuals and families - from students to the elderly - defines an “active volunteer”. This is Breda. So please join us in supporting Bridget “Breda” Bennett for Pelham Manor Trustee for her continued commitment to Pelham Manor and all of our residents, and vote Tuesday March 20th at the Pelham Manor Fire House.


Thank you.


Fran & Joe Nunziata

1110 Clay Avenue

Pelham Manor




Pelham Manor Trustee Election March 20th, 2018


Dear Pelham Manor Voters,


I’m writing in support of candidate Breda Bennett who is running for one of the Trustee positions on March 20th.


Breda represents all that is great about this village.  She has lived in Pelham Manor for many years, raised six wonderful children here, and has been involved in countless community service initiatives.  I can say without hesitation, Breda loves this town!


I know Breda to be a selfless individual, always available to help and contribute when called upon. Throughout the years she has been involved in so many local benefits, sports teams, fundraisers and organizations that I have lost track.


She is what I would call a true community service hero.  If ever there is a need for help, you will not be surprised to find Breda in the thick of it with her sleeves rolled up.


In addition, Breda is uniquely qualified for the position, as she runs a family owned real estate development business.  She has tons of experience working with building, governmental and regulatory agencies to get projects done.


Our community needs a sharp, level headed, get it done kind of leader to represent our best interests, and I can’t think of anyone more qualified.


Please get out and vote for Breda Bennett on March 20th!



Sue Cirillo

980 Peace Street

Pelham Manor




Dear Friends and Neighbors:


It is our pleasure to endorse Breda Bennett for Pelham Manor Trustee.  We have both known Breda and her family for over 15 years.

Breda has worked on advisory boards with both of us in several capacities over the years. Whether it was at Prospect Hill elementary school, the Pelham Little League Board, the Pelham Recreation Board, or the Pelham Booster club. Breda has a fantastic track record with all of these committee’s and boards.


We found that Breda is such a hard working person; there is no job that is too small or too big for Breda to roll up her sleeves and get the job done. Breda proved herself to be one of the most honest, thoughtful, and smart people we have ever met. Breda has so much energy, she is organized, and resourceful. She will work hard for the people in our village.


We have no doubt that Breda’s dedication to public service and attention to detail will allow her to serve Pelham Manor extremely well.


In our mind, Breda would be a great addition to the Pelham Manor Board and we ask you to please take time to vote for both her and Lou Annunziata on March 20th at the Pelham Manor firehouse.




Tim and Joanne Case

2 Lake Drive

Pelham Manor






We are writing this to ask you to join us to help get Breda Bennett elected as Trustee for Village of Pelham Manor.  We have been residents of Pelham for 24 years and family friends with the Bennetts for 18 of those years.  Our children have gone through Prospect Hill, Pelham Middle School and PMHS together and we know that Breda is a hard-working, energetic, no-nonsense kind of person who epitomizes the expression “the salt of the earth”. We have known Breda as a fellow parent, as a volunteer for many years on the Pelham Little League Board, as a professional in her dealings in connection with her family owned real estate development business, and as a community leader on the Pelham Recreation Commission and the Booster Club. In every capacity, Breda is fair-minded, decisive and clear thinking.  The amount of time and energy that Breda already commits to the betterment of the Village and the Town show that she comes prepared to take on the work of Village Trustee.


Breda is committed to move our Village in the right direction and to maintain the public services we enjoy. She is committed to supporting green initiatives in a fiscally responsible manner. She is informed on all the issues and happy to discuss her views with anyone who inquires.


Breda is just ALL ABOUT PELHAM.  Breda is the kind of person who marches in local parades, including the recent Pelham Hockey State 2017 Championship parade, wearing the jersey number of a hockey player whose mom could not be at the parade.  Breda is open-minded and willing to listen to different viewpoints.  The local issues we face in the Village are not partisan, so please vote with your gut instinct and not just your party.  Vote for Breda Bennett on March 20th for Village of Pelham Manor Trustee.  You won’t be sorry!




Lisa & Chris Reilly

35 Beech Tree Lane

Pelham Manor, NY 10803











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