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Candidate Endorsement:

Ariel Spira-Cohen

March 17, 2019



To Pelham Friends and Neighbors:


We are writing to thoroughly and enthusiastically endorse Ariel Spira-Cohen for Village Trustee.


Ariel is smart, thoughtful, and committed to this Village and its long-term health and sustainability. Ariel’s contributions to the Village Board are many, but chief among them, in our view, is a commitment to making Pelham greener, reducing carbon emissions, and doing whatever we can to preserve a viable future for our children and our children’s children.


The Solarize Pelham campaign would not have happened without Ariel. After a small group of community volunteers approached her, she gained the support of the Village and Town boards and pushed the project forward, working collaboratively along the way. Ariel has brought the lens of sustainability and environmental stewardship to bear on all her work, encouraging other board members, and those who come before the board, to keep these critical factors in mind when making decisions impacting Pelham’s future. Ariel led the effort to move Pelham to LED streetlights, saving Pelham money while at the same time reducing our use of electricity. She was instrumental in the creation of the Village’s Sustainability Advisory Board. She was key to the Village’s recent adoption of the Climate Smart Communities pledge, which opens up grant opportunities that will allow Pelham to make more strides toward a healthy environment and sustainable future.


As an environmental scientist, homeowner, and parent with young children in the Pelham schools, Ariel has a sound understanding of the critical issues facing Pelham and its residents. She is committed to the Village and is in it for the long haul. We urge you to support her for another term on the Village Board.


Please join us in voting for Ariel Spira-Cohen for Village of Pelham Trustee, and for her fellow Pelham Forward candidates, Chance Mullen, Lisa Hill-Ries, and Mike Carpenter, on March 19th.


Maryanne Joyce

Lindsay Preftakes

David Brown

Melissa Eustace

Anna Riehl

Peter Mullaney

Liz Massie

Amy Dunkin

Ben Smyser

William Springer

Tom White

Heather Glickman-Eliezer



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