1.4.18 ‒1.16.18 ‒ vol. 14

Incumbent Village Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Trustees seek

re-election on the Pelham Village Party line in upcoming election

Mayor Michael Volpe, Deputy Mayor Susan Mutti and Trustees Xaira Ferrara and Rick Deere are seeking re-election to continue serving the Village of Pelham.  The team, under Volpe’s leadership, have been the stewards along with their colleagues on the village board of a party neutral approach to governing the Village of Pelham.  They would like to continue to serve the Village using their results oriented, collaborative approach advocating fiscal responsibility while still accomplishing tasks and projects moving our village forward at all times.


Left to right: Trustee Rick Deere, Trustee Xaira Ferrara, Village of Pelham Mayor Michael Volpe and Deputy Mayor Susan Mutti


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