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March 10, 2020



Dear Pelham Parents and Community Members,


This afternoon Governor Cuomo announced that schools are being closed within 1-mile of the epicenter of the New Rochelle COVID-19 outbreak. Please know that we have been informed by local officials that the Pelham Public Schools does not fall within the containment area set by Governor Cuomo and we have not been instructed to close.


We are continuing to monitor information as it becomes available and expect to send a further update later today.


Thank you for your continued support.




Cheryl H. Champ

Superintendent of Schools

March 10, 2020 -- 12:00pm

March 9, 2020



Dear Pelham Parents and Community Members,


I wanted to provide an update about our ongoing considerations regarding the COVID-19 outbreak in Westchester.


We continue to communicate with other districts in Westchester and are certainly aware of the decision of several to close for varying periods of time in response to the virus. Just this evening, we received new guidance from New York State specifically for school districts, which has been posted to our COVID-19 website. Of note, this guidance says that schools should immediately close for at least 24 hours if a staff member or student "attended school prior to being confirmed as a COVID-19" case. During the initial 24 hour period, districts must work with the Department Health to assess the situation and determine next steps. At this time, we still have no confirmed cases and are not aware of any other instances of the New York State Health Department asking residents to self quarantine. As such, the Pelham Public Schools remain open.


As the situation continues to evolve, some additional internal steps that we are taking over the next few weeks include:

  • Cancelling planned out-of-state trips that include air travel
  • Reviewing and postponing other school trips and large group activities as necessary
  • Restricting hours of building use to enable more time for deep cleaning as follows:
  • Beginning Tuesday, March 10, the middle school/high school (secondary) campus will be closed at 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursday, and Saturdays beginning at 1pm
  • Elementary schools will be closed at 6pm on Mondays and Wednesdays and all day on Saturdays.
  • Outdoor athletics practices will continue on a normal schedule and will continue to have access to the Glover Field House, which is being cleaned and sanitized during regular school hours
  • We will evaluate this approach on a week-by-week basis and do our best to accommodate the needs of our students and community. Please contact the business office if you have any questions about facilities use.

We continue to monitor and await further guidance from the Governor and other state agencies and will adapt as necessary to this ever-changing situation.


Thank you for your continued support and please continue to visit our COVID-19 webpage for additional resources and information.




Cheryl H. Champ

Superintendent of Schools



March 9, 12:00pm


The Senior Citizens Board along with the Town Of Pelham Board and the Town Recreation Department have decided to suspend all Senior Citizen's Program for the next 14 days.


This suspension of the programs are directly related to the current Coronavirus issues.


We feel that limiting these programs for the the next two weeks in is keeping with what is being done to contain any future spread of the virus to our residents.


If you have any questions on this action please do not hesitate to contact the Town or the Recreation Department.


March 9, 2020 at 11:30am



Dear Pelham Parents and Community Members,


As a follow-up to last Friday's email regarding Coronavirus, I wanted to let you know that we have remained in contact with a variety of government agencies as well as the Pelham parent who is being preventatively quarantined over the weekend. We are thankful that the individual and their immediate family remain asymptomatic. We also are not aware of any confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in the Pelham community or any additional community members being asked to quarantine. As such, our schools are prepared to receive students tomorrow morning as usual.


Over the weekend our facilities team worked diligently to deep clean and sanitize our schools according to protocols established by the New York State Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These efforts are in alignment with and even exceed the most recent guidelines issued just this weekend. To better facilitate this enhanced cleaning going forward, we are putting plans in place to limit hours of evening events on some days. Those affected by these changes will be notified directly.


We have added a number of resources that you might find helpful as well as answers to several frequently asked questions to the District's dedicated Coronavirus website. We encourage you to review these materials.


I would like to reiterate that the health department considers preventatively quarantined, non-symptomatic individuals to be at very low risk. They do not deem it necessary to quarantine other family members as the quarantined individual is expected to remain isolated within their home. We will continue to monitor and adapt as necessary with guidance from the Department of Health and other relevant agencies.


Thank you all for your continued support during this stressful and trying time.




Cheryl H. Champ

Superintendent of Schools


MARCH 4, 2020


In light of recent COVID-19 developments, Westchester County is taking steps to ensure all Bee-Line buses are sanitized daily.  For general inquiries from regarding COVID-19, the County is asking Westchester residents to dial 211.  Additionally, those in quarantine from Young Israel of New Rochelle should call 866-588-0195 to talk to a health care professional or mental health professional, listen to recorded information/FAQ about symptoms, and information on what to do. Language translations are available.


Schumer Floor Remarks On The Needed Bipartisan Funding Agreement To Combat Coronavirus And Calling On The Trump Administration To Improve Their Lacking Response To The Coronavirus Crisis

MARCH 4, 2020


Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer today spoke on the Senate floor, urging Senators to support a bipartisan emergency funding agreement to combat the coronavirus. Senator Schumer also called on President Trump to stop spreading false and misleading information and to start show leadership in response to this public health crisis. Below are Senator Schumer’s remarks, which can also be viewed here:


As the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States continues to grow, Congress is taking swift action this week to provide our health experts, hospital, health care providers and state and local governments the funding they need. A bipartisan negotiation between appropriators in the House and Senate is very close to producing an emergency funding bill that would provide between $7 and $8 billion to respond to the coronavirus.


This is very close to the amount that I thought was appropriate when I requested it last week ($8.5 billion) and is more than four or five times what the administration originally requested. I believe if we hadn’t pushed them, they would have been totally inadequate to the crisis—as they have been in preparation and planning.


The administration requested $2.5 billion, which only half of that was new funding. The rest came from pulling it out of other things, like Ebola, that were very much needed as well. The bill we put together here in Congress is far more appropriate, and will actually address our country’s short-and-medium-term needs.


That is very, very good news. And I’d like to compliment Democrats and Republicans, House and Senate, for making efforts to come together, for being the adults in the room while President Trump childishly exaggerates, underplays, points fingers of blame, latches onto conspiracy theories, and, most of all, doesn’t lead.


This is an example where American needs leadership, and President Trump’s lack of leadership is glaringly apparent to Americans.


The crucial legislation provides funding for very specific and timely needs.


There will be $350 million for “hot spots”—areas affected by the outbreak.


There will be $500 million to procure pharmaceuticals, masks, protective equipment and other medical supplies to distribute to states, local governments, and hospitals.


There will be $100 million for community health centers and funding for training and beds.


We are replenishing the CDC’s Infectious Disease Rapid Response Fund so that it can respond quickly to local areas that experience an outbreak.


In total, there is $950 million in funding for state and local governments to undertake the many activities they need to respond to the spread of the virus: surveillance for the coronavirus, laboratory testing, contact tracing to identify anyone who may have been infected by a person known to have the virus, infection control at the local level, and more.


And this is only one piece of the bill. The rest of the bill will give desperately-needed funds to the CDC, HHS, USAID, and FDA and others to do vaccine research and development and much more.


The funding levels in this bill and their specific uses very much reflect the needs of the country as health care professionals across America work to confront the spread of the virus. And I want to thank our appropriators on the front lines, Ranking Member Leahy and Chairman Shelby in the Senate, Chair Lowey and Ranking Member Granger in the House.


While the Trump administration’s response has been slow and halting, Congress has taken action. While President Trump is playing fast and loose with facts and blaming everyone not named Donald Trump—Congress is taking responsibility and acting like the adult in the room.


Democrats would like to see this emergency funding package passed through the Senate by the end of the week, and we will work with the majority to make sure that that happens. I urge all of my colleagues—in the interest of time, understanding the urgency of the matter—to help us achieve this goal.


Now, yesterday, Vice President Mike Pence and his team from CDC, FDA, and HHS met with the Democratic caucus to answer questions about the administration’s response to the coronavirus. We appreciated their willingness to come to our caucus; they stayed, unlike some of the previous briefings, stayed and addressed a lot of our questions. The only problem: they didn’t have as many answers as we needed—answers the American people would expect at this stage of the epidemic.


One of our top priorities at the moment is testing. We need to know who is infected in order to contain the spread of the virus and treat any American affected by the diseases. We asked the administration about the availability of testing kits but they could not answer how soon hospitals, medical labs, and public health centers would receive the tests, and if they would have enough of them to do the amount of testing required, fast enough. The best way to deal with testing is to let people do it on-site. Let them go to their local doctor, their local community health center and get the test and get an answer quickly.


Unfortunately, the vice president and his team had no answers to that. It is a real problem. Our questions at the meeting yesterday should give the administration an urgency to figure this out as soon as possible.


I would also plead with President Trump to begin showing some leadership on the coronavirus. So far, the president’s main concern has been to tamp down concern about the virus. He gives broad assurances that “everything is under control.” When you show up at your doctor’s office because you think you might have coronavirus and there’s no test and he doesn’t know what to do and he just says, “go home and don’t go to work”—that’s not everything under control, Mr. President.


If any member of his administration tells the president something optimistic, he repeats it and usually exaggerates it: the disease will magically “disappear” when the weather gets warmer. A vaccine will be ready “soon.” All misstatements from President Trump.


In a televised meeting with government health experts and pharmaceutical experts, the president repeatedly failed to comprehend that a vaccine would take over a year to develop and test. This is the President of the United States during a crisis. He doesn’t even understand the basic rudiments of what is going on. He suggested, blithely, that we could just use the influenza vaccine for the coronavirus, and he was quickly corrected by Dr. Fauci, one of our health experts.


Twenty-four hours later, the president was claiming that pharma executives would speed up the production of a vaccine as a favor to him. President Trump: people are sick. People are dying. The virus is wreaking havoc on the economy and you look at it as a favor to you? It’s not about you, Mr. President. It’s about America and the crisis and what our federal government is doing to help.


The president saying it was a favor to him, the president stating such blatant mistruths, was a shocking demonstration of just how little the president listens, how little the president learns, how little leadership he shows at a time when we desperately need leadership.


During a public health crisis of this magnitude, we need steady and competent leadership from President Trump. So far, it has been totally lacking, unfortunately for America.



MARCH 4, 2020


The Village is in constant communication with the County Department of Health and New York-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital officials who report that the New York State Department of Health is the agency in charge and they are currently interviewing people and conducting a risk stratifying survey of all those in contact with the patient who tested positive for the coronavirus. Their assessment involves a sophisticated matrix model promulgated by CDC guidelines.  Should there be any results that affect the Village in any way, we will share them promptly.



MARCH 3, 2020


Today Mayor Walsh, the Village Board, Village Administrator Justin Datino, Village Clerk Brian Reilly, Chief Caparelli, and Chief Poleway all participated in a call with the County Executive and the Commissioner of the County Health Department regarding the Conoravirus. So far, one Westchester resident has tested positive for the Coronavirus and is being treated at a hospital in NYC. The County Health Department is reaching out to everyone who might have been in contact with this individual.


The State and County have advised that everyone should continue with their regular schedules, but there are certain things everyone should do to protect themselves and others:


  • make sure to wash hands often with soap and water,
  • avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands,
  • cover your cough and sneeze with a tissue and then throw the tissue in the trash,
  • stay home if you are not feeling well or are sick, and
  • call your primary physician if you have any symptoms.


For more information visit https://villageoflarchmont.org/coronavirus-updates/.



MARCH 4, 2020


Pelham Manor facebook page has current information regarding COVID-19 prepared by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Follow the link below: