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Left to right: Councilman Tim Case; new Recreation Commission Member Aisling Bier; Deputy Town Supervisor Daniel McLaughlin

2019 Town Board Organizational Meeting and Recreation Commission Member Sworn In

By Stephen E. Lipken


Deputy Pelham Town Supervisor Daniel McLaughlin opened their 2019 Organizational Meeting on January 7, naming the re-appointed Town Government officials and swearing in new Recreation Commission member Aisling Bier, replacing Breda Bennett. Other members are John Boyce; Mary E. Curto; Kevin Fee and Danny Green.


Re-appointments included Thomas Kleinberger, Town Attorney; Nicholas A. Grecco, Town Engineer; Comptroller, Samantha Losurdo; Chief Constable Stewart Hanson; Lieutenant Steve Conte; Sergeants Joseph Bavosa, Anthony Camardella, Christopher Williams, Kai Yammamoto. Appointed as Town Police Constables: Anthony Bonilla; Carlos Dos Santos; Michael Farley; Nicholas Florio; Robert Iaboni; Jose LLamas; Nelson Moy; Harrin Platzner; Murad Rahem; Kirk Smith and Victor Torres.


Town Clerk Amy Rios appointed Francine Campion as Deputy Town Clerk; Receiver of Taxes Catherine Mazzaro appointed Darlene Paolercio as Deputy Receiver of Taxes.  Supervisor Peter DiPaola re-appointed Ruthann DeSimone as Confidential Secretary and Blake Bell is Town Historian.


McLaughlin went on to say that any employee declining medical coverage by the Town is entitled to receive a $2,000 annual opt-out payment.


In the Flycar Report, Councilwoman Rae Szymanski said that the average November response time for backup vehicle was 8 minutes, 20 seconds; December: 8 minutes 53 seconds.


Bell relayed Deputy Receiver of Taxes Paolercio’s Monthly Statements.  November 2018: Town/County Taxes, $3,248.71; School Taxes, $949,065.52; School Collection Fee, $6,073.18; Penalties and Interest, $8,357.37; Taxpayers Agreement, $1,014.19; Misc., $49; Pro-Ratas, $10,098.66; Total: $977,906.63. December 2018: Town/County Taxes, $12,121.85; School Taxes, $1,271,992.24; School Collection Fee, $8,146.83; Credit Card Fee (Town and School), $23.51; Penalties and Interest, $6,937.10; Taxpayers Agreement, $6,405.31; Misc., $750; Pro-Ratas, $2,096.86; Total: $1,308,473.50.


Check sent to Chief Finance Officer (CFO) on 12/19/18 for Justice John DeChiaro: $16,313; check to CFO on 12/14/18 for Justice John Gardner: $46,928.



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