2.5.21 - 3.14.21   vol. 17

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Dear Neighbors –


As a registered Democrat, I am writing to let you know that I will be enthusiastically voting (absentee!) to re-elect Mayor Jennifer Monachino-Lapey, Deputy Mayor Angela Michelle De Lillo and Trustee/Fire Commissioner Joe Senerchia.


Like so many of my neighbors, I moved to Pelham when I started my family because of the idyllic environment it provides my family which I found so astonishingly close to New York City. My two boys (now 20 and 21) attended Prospect Hill Elementary School enjoying the confidence-building experiences of safely walking to school, friends’ houses and over to Four Corners; playing in a variety of our well-run community sports programs; and, later, thriving in the supportive home-grown music scene for my budding musician.


For myself, buying a house was the biggest investment I had ever made. I watch closely how our public services are maintained, what investments are made in our infrastructure, the performance of our school district and the community culture underpinning the fabric of our lives here.


As a single mom and small business owner working in the Arts, it matters a great deal to me that our Village is being led by qualified and committed neighbors who have a demonstrated track record of providing quality services and responsible financial management.  Beyond their stewardship, I know that Jennifer, Michelle & Joe have an eye on our future.  They are always willing to explore and consider new options and opportunities on behalf of our small community.


These are good people who have worked hard for our community.  They enjoy my full support, and I hope yours as well.


Sue Cirillo



Pelham Manor Should Continue with Stewardship, Accountability, and Proven Experience!


Fran and I are extremely proud to endorse the Pelham Manor team of Mayor Jennifer Monachino Lapey ... Deputy Mayor & DPW Commissioner A. Michelle DeLillo ... and Trustee & Fire Commissioner Joe Senerchia.


We are encouraged and confident that they will continue their successful mission in providing stewardship, accountability and proven experience to our Village of Pelham Manor.


Our family has called Pelham Manor home for over 35 years. Our children - Will & Anthony & Annie - have benefited from this remarkable community, providing them with wonderful childhood years of education, safe playing fields and courts, and perhaps most importantly, a robust community - mindedness of real neighbors who care about each other. (All three went on to graduate from Boston College.)


Like anything in life, success can only come through dedicated, hard-working leaders with vision, compassion and integrity. We have learned throughout the years in Pelham Manor that our most successful elected officials have always shared their time, talent and energy, unselfishly, for the continued success of Pelham Manor. This is why Pelham Manor is the preferred choice to live and raise a family. Our votes send a clear message: we choose experienced elected officials - like Jen, Michelle & Joe - as the trusted advocates for ALL the residents of our Village, with fair, open and smart leadership.


Please join the Nunziata Family and vote for Pelham Manor Mayor Jennifer Monachino Lapey, for Deputy Mayor & DPW Commissioner A. Michelle DeLillo, and for Trustee & Fire Commissioner Joe Senerchia, on Tuesday March 16, from 6am to 9pm at the Pelham Manor Fire House.


Thank you.


Joe & Fran Nunziata & Family, Pelham Manor