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Dan McLaughin

for Town Supervisor

Choosing to run for Pelham’s Town Supervisor position is a very easy decision. I want to be able to continue to contribute to the town that has meant so much to me. Since my family moved to Pelham in 1985, we have never been disappointed in all that the Town has to offer. The quality of life we found in the schools, the recreation programs, the services provided, is without equal in the Metropolitan area.  And, most of all, the caring and generous residents, who truly make Pelham what it is, make us grateful to be part of this community.


My community involvement began by becoming a coach in the little league and recreation soccer programs. Seeing how well these programs ran, I sought to become a commissioner on the Recreation Board.  For 10 years I was part of the recreation board that not only continued previously successful programs, but made sure we broadened our horizons to introduce new programs, from chess to karate to piano lessons, so all interests could be satisfied.   Importantly, these programs were added at minimal cost, so as to guarantee an improved standard of living at the lowest possible cost.


My interest in the community spurred me to become a member of the Pelham Civics, of which I am proud to have been a past president and chairman of the Board.  The Civics have four objectives - to provide for the needy, the youth, the elderly and the physically challenged of the town.   All of the Civics programs, such as our Good Neighbors committee and our Community Award Program, are geared to provide assistance in these areas and I have been very happy to be able to have led this great organization and help meet these objectives.  I am currently serving as Vice President of Finance of the organization.


For the last 13 years I have been serving on the town council and I am looking to continue to serve the community by being elected to the Town Supervisor position.  My passion for community service remains ardent, and I have brought it to the town council position.   It will not diminish when I am elected to the Supervisor position.

My goal is to ensure that the Town continues to provide the great programs for which it is responsible - athletic fields, the Library, the parks, the recreation programs, tax assessment and collections within a budget that is sensitive to the needs of all taxpayers.


Please vote for me and all of my Team Pelham teammates, re-elect John DeChiario for Judge, re-elect Blake Bell for Town Councilman, elect Michelle Marcellino for Town Councilwoman and elect Antoinette Clemente for Town Clerk on Election Day.



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