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State Senator Alessandra Biaggi’s Constituent Services Office Open for Business

Senator Alessandra Biaggi (D - Bronx/Westchester) and her team are ready, eager and able to work with residents.


Contact with her constituents is extremely important to Senator Biaggi. “I can’t wait to be visible and accessible,” she said.  “My team and I want to interact with the community face to face as much as possible. A more user-friendly office will make all the difference.”


Freshman Senator Biaggi and her team have inherited the office of her predecessor, Jeff Klein, at the Hutchinson Metro Center. The staff plans to be there for only a matter of months, at which time they want to open a more central location. A search for a storefront space near public transportation is currently underway.


In the meantime, the Senator wants Bronx and Westchester residents of the 34th district to feel encouraged to call or email for assistance, make an appointment, or drop by anytime to share concerns or seek help.


Senator Biaggi and the Senate Majority recently  passed legislation to protect taxpayers by making the property tax cap permanent. After years of uncertainty on the future of property taxes, this is a major win for Westchester and all New York communities.


“I have seen far too many of my neighbors in our district at risk of losing their houses. Federal tax policy has been weaponized against us.  Our homeowners deserve some tax protection against that assault,” Senator Biaggi said. “The uncertainty around sky-high property taxes, which have long plagued the residents and families of New York, ends today.”


The property tax cap passed in 2011, and extended for four years in 2015, prevents increases in real property taxes from exceeding 2%. The passage of the permanent tax cap will provide forward-thinking financial stability to property owners throughout New York State.


“We are ensuring that people are not driven from their homes by high property taxes. We now must also prioritize that schools are being properly funded. Let’s remember that good schools are essential to maintaining property values.” Senator Biaggi concluded.


Office of State Senator Alessandra Biaggi, 1250 Waters Place, Suite 1202, Bronx, NY 10461. Open Monday to Friday: 10am to 6pm. Phone: 718-822-2049. Email: mercedes@nysenate.gov



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