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From the Desk of the Village of Pelham Mayor

GREAT NEWS!  -  A Message From Mayor Mullen


Dear Neighbors,


Over the summer, the Village of Pelham was invited to participate in a collaborative working group of municipalities called the Climate Action Planning Institute (CAPI), designed to help us develop action plans to respond to the climate crisis at the local level. In July, we joined this collaborative and submitted a grant proposal with Westchester County to ensure funding for the program. I’m excited to announce that we’ve just been awarded $100,000 from NY State to move this important project forward.


CAPI will be a 16-month-long inter-municipal working group. In the coming weeks, we’ll select two volunteers from our Sustainability Advisory Board and our Climate Smart Communities Task Force who will join a member of our staff to represent the Village. Our representatives will work alongside other municipalities and experts in the field, using methodology developed by the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) to complete a local government operations GHG emissions inventory for the Village and identify targets, strategies and projects to reduce our GHG emissions.


This program is modeled after a similar program implemented in Dutchess County a few years ago and we are thrilled to join our neighbors in Westchester as we work to protect the planet we will one day pass along to our children.


My sincerest thanks (and congratulations) to the volunteers on the SAB and CSC Task Force for your continuous efforts to make Pelham more sustainable—and thanks in advance to those who will represent us as members of the CAPI.