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New Police Officers Inaugurated Amidst Thunderous Applause at Village Meeting

By Stephen E. Lipken


Village of Pelham Mayor Michael Volpe administered the Oath of Office to new Police Officers Philip Belantoni; Robert DiNapoli and Vincent Ripulone, Jr., accompanied by thunderous applause from friends and family members at the January 9 Board of Trustees meeting.


Effective January 7, 2019, the officers were hired from Westchester County Civil Service Eligible List 69-547, PBA Collective Bargaining Agreement and Village of Pelham Employee Handbook at an annual salary of $57,718.


Police Chief Jason Pallett noted that annual training programs for officers include Active Shooter Training; DWI Recognition; Crisis Negotiation; Defensive Tactics; Domestic Violence and mental health awareness, offered by the Police Academy in September.  Community outreach encompasses a neighborhood Community Policing Officer, Michael Sheehy and “Coffee with a Cop.”


Fire Chief James DiNapoli said that of 848 calls in 2018, 388 were Emergency Medical Calls plus 4 Narcan saves, rescues from opioid overdoses.


Deputy Mayor Adam Kagan asked DiNapoli if changes in building materials affected fire responses; DiNapoli replied that pressboard and laminated materials provide more strength but saturate burn in four minutes, due to their synthetic chemical structure.


In the Mayor’s Report, Volpe mentioned that Trustees Chance Mullen, Xaira Ferrara and he visited a Maplewood, New Jersey site to gain ideas for the Village’s Business District Floating Zone (BDFZ) mixed-use projects. A special workshop will be held in Village Hall on Thursday, January 17 at 7:30 p.m. to hear proposals from three potential developers.


A public hearing was opened, regarding putting on the ballot a proposition changing the election of Mayor and Trustees from March to November. Resident Shaun Breidbart averred that having federal and local elections concurrently would save money.  Volpe answered that there is not that much expenditure, since the County runs their elections.


The Public Hearing will continue on Tuesday, January 22, when voting will occur.




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