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Anderson Commends Village Police, Fire Departments and EMT for “Life Saving Miracle”

By Stephen E. Lipken


Clive J. Anderson, Funeral Director, Pelham Funeral Home presented a letter of gratitude to Mayor Michael Volpe at the March 26 Village of Pelham Board of Trustees meeting.


“I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge…the life saving miracle that was performed by our first responders,” Anderson began.  “On Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at approximately 9:30 a.m., an attendant at the Pelham Funeral Home suffered a massive heart attack.


‘If it were not for the quick response and skills of Sgt. Anthony Borsella, Officer Rita McConnell and Officer Sean McDowell this individual would no longer be with us today.” Anderson also thanked EMT Eddie Fox and Village Fire Department Trustee Xaira Ferrara reported on a revised plan for the Ancon Avenue Five Points Intersection.


“We have confirmation from New Rochelle that they are going to reinstate the traffic light on Kings Highway,” Ferrara said.” Volpe replied that there was concern regarding stop light timing possibly backing up traffic west and that perhaps stop signs might be better.  Ferrara concluded that Pelham Manor will repaint the stop bar on Manor Ridge Road.


Highbrook Highline President and Co-Founder Susan Mutti appeared with committee member Roger Wines, Ph.D., saying that Pelham Junior League provided a $2,000 grant for pavers to connect Young Avenue for “commuters, walkers and kids.”

Of 1,310 ballots cast, there were 812 votes for Proposition 1, changing the election date to the Tuesday succeeding the first Monday in November of each year, versus 498 votes to retain the March election date, according to Westchester County unofficial election results.


Unofficial Tally of Election Results:  Mayor, Chance Mullen, Democratic/Pelham Forward (PFW) Party, 850 votes, 60%; Mayor, Republican/Village of Pelham Party (VPP) candidate Candice Ripoll, 576 votes, 40%; total ballots 1,426.  DEM/PFW Trustees: Michael Carpenter, 830 votes, 20%; Lisa Hill-Ries, 804, 19%; Ariel Spira Cohen, 821, 19%.


REP/VPP Trustees: Stephen Doka, 624, 15%; Arthur Long, 583, 14%; Leroy Marriott, 560, 13%. Total Trustee votes: 4,222.




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