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Town Board Meeting – May 7, 2018

By Stephen E. Lipken


The Pelham Town Board passed a “clean up” Draft Resolution for the Record at their Monday, May 7th meeting, regarding a major initiative in 2015 that improved the security of the Daronco Town House courtroom with security cameras, new secure space and balcony area renovations including a new Town Constables headquarters area. The Resolution was affirmed, in order for the State to release grant monies allocated for the improvements.


After her Flycar Report, Councilwoman Rae Szymanski, liaison to Empress Emergency Medical Services (EMS) stated, “We have always participated in Mutual Aid through the Westchester County 60-Control.  I received an e-mail from Fire Chief James DiNapoli letting me know that the Flycar was taken out of Pelham.  He asked to clarify why the Flycar was taken.


“I spoke with Scott Holland, the Director of Operations for Empress EMS, and he informed me because we participate in Mutual Aid, the Flycar responds in an, ‘as needed’ town by town, ticking order’.”


Councilman Blake Bell stated, “Citizens can call their Village Police (Pelham 914-738-2000; Pelham Manor 914-738-1000) for quickest response since 911 calls are routed through a central dispatcher which takes time.  However, 911 is always available as well.”


Town Clerk Amy Rios reported that 17 dogs were licensed, totaling $286 on “Doggy Day” during Danny FUN Day on April 28. Rios distributed copies of the Dog License Application which includes veterinarian and rabies vaccination information. Recreation Supervisor Fred Fiorito suggested the Dog License Application include a photo of the pet and microchip information, adding, “You cannot adopt a rescue dog without a chip.”



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