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Latimer Gives COVID-19 Update at Pelham Manor Meeting

By Stephen E. Lipken


Westchester County Executive George Latimer, accompanied by Assistant Director of Intergovernmental Relations Ellen Hendrickx, spoke by telephone at the remote Pelham Manor Board of Trustees meeting on Monday, May 11th, conducted by Mayor Jennifer Monachino Lapey.


“We have over 31,384 County-wide cases testing positive in the County with 28,000 clearing in the last two weeks, leaving 3,377 active cases,” Latimer began. “We have under 500 individuals hospitalized, down from a peak of 1200.  Even one death is a tragedy, with 1,227 who have died in the County.  Last night we lost 9 individuals; a month ago we were losing 40-45 people per night.


“We tested 112,663, 11% of Westchester County.  There have been 102 cases in Pelham Manor; only two are active.  The other 100 are not subject to being hospitalized.  There were 182 cases in Pelham Village with 9 currently active.  Before re-opening we must show a 14-day decrease in hospitalization and 14-day decrease in fatalities.  Contract Tracing keeps track of those infected.


“The first metrics of re-openings will be 1) manufacturing and construction, curbside retail;

2) office structures such as insurance and real estate; 3) restaurants and bars; 4) major public gatherings.”  Latimer added that businesses needing assistance can contact Director of Economic Development Bridget Gibbons, bgibbons@westchestergov.com; 914-995-2900.”


Trustee Michelle DeLillo inquired how long the start-ups would take; Latimer replied before the end of June. However, on Friday, May 15 a low risk activity, landscaping may open; recreation areas such as tennis and golf courses are open.  Regarding Shore Park, open on a limited basis, leashed dogs would be allowed beginning Monday, June 1st.

Washable cloth face coverings are available to homes; call 914-738-8807 to request delivery.


Finally, the MS-4 Stormwater Management Report was approved, promoting public outreach, monitoring illicit discharge detection and construction/post construction site sediment discharges.