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Front row, left to right:  Trustee Breda Bennett; Trustee Louis Annunziata; Village of Pelham Manor Mayor Jennifer Monachino Lapey; Trustee Michelle DeLillo.  Second row, left to right: Village of Pelham Manor Attorney Albert W. Cornachio III; Trustee Joseph Senerchia.

Monopole, E-Commerce Building Continuing Pelham Manor Concerns

By Stephen E. Lipken


Pelham Manor Mayor Jennifer Monachino Lapey opened the Monday, February 24th Board of Trustees meeting, remarking that their Outside Counsel, Robert Spolzino has written a letter to New York State Department of Transportation, stating Pelham Manor’s concerns regarding Crown Communications’ proposed location of their 120-foot high telecommunications monopole, advising that the Village is prepared to exercise available options including legal ones.


“We will continue to monitor the situation and engage proactively with our State Representatives. If we do decide to take any legal action, that will be done via a Board Resolution and there will be ample notice and opportunity for public comment,” Lapey continued.


Then Fire Chief Joseph Ruggiero reported a structure fire on Pelhamdale Avenue on Friday, January 17 at 8pm. “There was a rather large fire that had gotten out of the fireplace and went behind the firebox which had missing grout, causing damage to one of the bays on the opposite wall in living room. Our firefighters opened up the wall, extinguished the fire and were out in less than two hours,” Ruggiero noted.


In the DPW report, Village Manager John Pierpont said that nearly 68% of their waste stream was recycled, with a lot of tree pruning owing to a relatively mild winter. Pierpont added that a private company will offer curbside food waste recycling if 100 residents sign up. Information is posted on the Village of Pelham Manor website.


Regarding the proposed Boston Post Realty LLC E-Commerce facility, Pierpont mentioned that the developer requested B1/B2 zoning to permit a 12-story warehouse.  “When the concept was first presented to us, we would have had control over certificate of occupancy; this is no longer the case,” Lapey averred. “I am very concerned about Boston Post Road truck traffic and pedestrian safety.” No action was taken.