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County Honors Those Who Died on September 11, 2001 with a Virtual Memorial Ceremony

In a solemn ceremony like never before at Kensico Dam Plaza in Valhalla, Westchester County paid tribute to those lost during tragic events of September 11, 2001 and heroes who gave their life helping us all move forward in its aftermath. Standing before “The Rising,” the County’s beautiful 9/11 Memorial, County Executive George Latimer honored the Westchester residents who passed on that devastating day nineteen years ago, as well as those who have died from 9/11 related illness since the attacks.


Latimer said: “While we face societal challenges like never before in our current day, we must never forget the events that unfolded in front of the world’s eyes that morning nineteen years ago. That day changed all of us, and we will always continue to grieve. From the souls lost, to the heroes who selflessly rushed in that we are still losing to this day, we must - and we will - always honor them here in Westchester County.”


Tony Aiello, CBS 2 New York reporter, emceed the event, adding: “I moved to Westchester in 1999 and remember well the tragic impact the terror attack had on the County. I was honored to emcee the County’s very first 9/11 commemoration in 2002, and it will be a privilege to once again gather with friends and neighbors to remember those we lost.”

Following pandemic protocols, Rev. Troy DeCohen, Senior Pastor Mount Vernon Heights Congregational Church, led the ceremony with a pre-recorded prayer: “We as Americans and citizens of good conscience of this great land humble ourselves in prayer reflecting on the thousands of lives lost and the thousands of families that still grieve their loss.”


The ceremony included the presentation of colors, led by the Westchester County Police Department’s Ceremonial Unit Color Guard, followed by Pipes and Drums of the Police Emerald Society of Westchester County. United States Congresswoman Nita Lowey led the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a rendition of the “Star-Spangled Banner” by Lindsay Towers from Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, and Concordia College’s Brass Ensemble played – adding music to the solemn backdrop of the memorial.


Chairman of the Westchester County Board of Legislators Benjamin Boykin, who spoke at the ceremony, said: “Unfortunately, this year, we can’t physically provide a shoulder to lean on to the families and friends of those we lost 19 years ago. We can’t wrap our arms around the loved ones of the first responders or those who worked the pile in the days and months afterward. But we will never forget their sacrifice. Let’s honor them by committing ourselves anew to the spirit of unity and shared purpose their loss inspired in us all.”


A commemorative wreath was laid on the “Beam of Remembrance” by Deputy County Executive Ken Jenkins, a steel beam that was pulled from the ashes of the World Trade Center, and dedicated to the County as a lasting reminder of our nation’s sacrifice and strength on that fateful day.


Adding to the interfaith prayer at the ceremony, Imam Qari Amjad Karim of the Westchester Muslim Center said: “As our country remembers the heartbreaking events of September 11, 2001 - we turn to prayer at a time when our nation is facing unprecedented challenges – now more than ever we need mercy and strength to guide us on the right path.”


The names of those who were lost, as displayed on the “Circle of Remembrance,” will be read allowed by District Attorney Anthony Scarpino, County Clerk Tim Idoni and members of the Westchester County Board of Legislators. The names of the Westchester County men and women who died on September 11, 2001 are listed to the left.


The names of the men and women who lost their battles to 9/11 related illnesses since the attacks were read aloud by surviving family members. Their names will be added to the 9/11 Related Illness Memorial, announced by Latimer last year, that will accompany “The Rising” once it is complete. Matthew McCauley and Peter Woods, Co-Chairs of the 9/11 Related Illnesses Memorial Committee, also gave remarks on the committee’s efforts. Those names are as follows:


John LoBianco –Yonkers Fire Department

Detective Michael Houlahan – New York City Police Department

Firefighter Eduardo Rivera – Yonkers Fire Department

Police Officer Christopher Barry – New York City Police Department

Fire Commissioner Peter Guyett – Yonkers Fire Department

Deputy Chief Frank Strollo – New Rochelle Fire Department

Police Officer Nicholas Finelli – New York City Police Department

Police Officer Joseph Heid – New York City Police Department

Battalion Chief Kevin Byrnes – New York City Fire Department

Emergency Medical Technician Luis de Pena – New York City Fire Department EMS

Detective Joseph Seabrook – New York City Police Department

Detective James W. Monahan – New York City Police Department

Captain Ronald G. Peifer Sr. – New York City Police Department

Detective Charles Wassil Jr. – Peekskill Police Department

Lieutenant Roy McLaughlin – Yonkers Police Department

Police Officer Anthony Maggiore – Yonkers Police Department

Firefighter Robert A. Mentrasti – Fairview Fire Department

Police Officer Walter Mallinson – Harrison Police Department

Firefighter Michael O’Hanlon – New York City Fire Department

Police Officer Kathleen O’Connor-Funigiello – New Rochelle Police Department

Lieutenant Clark Douglass – New York City Police Department

Sergeant Patrick Boyle – New York City Police Department

Sergeant Patrick Coyne – New York City Police Department

Detective Mark Gado – New Rochelle Police Department

Firefighter Neill Tyndal Jr – Yonkers Fire Department

James P. Sullivan – New York City Transit Authority

Lieutenant John Thomas Moran – New York City Fire Department

Police Officer Kevin Xavier Domenech – New York City Police Department

Firefighter John Peteani – Yonkers Fire Department

Firefighter Daniel Foley – New York City Fire Department

EMS Captain Barry Brown – Mohegan Lake EMS

Executive Director Stephan Hittmann – New York City Fire Department


Following the reading of the names there was a performance of taps by Police Officer Peter Blume from the Mount Pleasant Police Department.


The ceremony concluded with a live prayer from Rabbi Howard J. Goldsmith of Congregation Emanu-El of Westchester: “As time passes, the memory of our loved ones who perished that day stand as a reminder. They remind us to live up to our potential, to live in a way that is compassionate and kind, and that the bond of love is stronger than death.”


Congressman Eliot Engel issued the following statement: “Today is always one of the toughest days we as New Yorkers must endure. Today, we honor the memories of those lost on September 11th, 2001 and pay tribute to the heroes of that fateful day.


“I can still vividly recall how painful things were on this day 19 years ago, and how remarkable it was to see so many men and women come together in the hours, days and months after the attack to help our city get back on its feet. The heroism of our first-responders in that time was unmatched, and the sacrifices they made were unfathomable. Tragically, many paid the ultimate price for their efforts, and thousands more continue to suffer from 9/11 related illnesses. It’s been nearly two decades since the terrorist attacks on 9/11, and it took nearly that long for Congress to finally, FINALLY pass a permanent health care program and victim compensation fund for our 9/11 heroes, survivors, and their families. I remember seeing the relief on the faces of these brave souls after we pushed the final reauthorization through; their long and painful battle with their own government was finally over.


“It never should have taken Congress so long to keep its promise to those families. And the resistance we encountered from some of our out of state Congressional colleagues as we fought to permanently reauthorize those programs never should have occurred. Those of us privileged to serve in the United States House of Representatives have a sacred duty, I believe, to help people. Help them with their health care, help them make ends meet, help them live healthier, happier lives. Unfortunately, far too many who also serve in this body seem to have forgotten why we’re here, or never even subscribed to that view. 9/11 was a national crisis, but we’ve faced other crises before, and find ourselves in the midst of another one right now. In the past we’ve been able to mobilize as one nation to deal with these massive threats. Today, we’re forced to fight tooth and nail to accomplish even our most basic functions, like caring for folks who got sick digging through the rubble to help their fellow Americans.


“So, let that be the lesson on this 19th Anniversary of 9/11: that empathy and care for our fellow man shouldn’t require coercion or constant struggle. When people are suffering, to any degree, our government should stand ready and able to assist with a helping hand. The heroes of 9/11 left us the blueprint: do what you can to help, put others before yourselves. More of our leaders should remember the example they set for us 19 years ago today.”