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Left to right:  Pelham Town Councilman Tim Case; Supervisor Daniel McLaughlin; Councilwoman Rae Szymanski

Town Appointments Announced at Organizational/Legislative Meeting

By Stephen E. Lipken


Pelham Town Supervisor Daniel McLaughlin welcomed the community, “to the first meeting of the decade,” consisting of the Organizational Meeting, presenting 2020 Appointments and Legislative Meeting on January 7th in the Town Hall.


Appointments included: Recreation: Aisling Bier, John Boyce, Kevin Fee, Danny Green; Town Attorney: Thomas R. Kleinerger;  Engineer: Nicholas Grecco; Controller: Samantha Losurdo; Town Constables: Chief Stewart Hanson; Lieutenant Stephen Conte; Sergeants Joseph Bavosa, Anthony Camardella, Christopher Williams, Kai Yammamoto and 9 Constables.


McLaughlin noted that Councilwoman Rae Szymanski was appointed Deputy Town Supervisor, the first woman to fill that position. Other appointments included Joseph Durnin as Marriage Officer, Ruthann DeSimone as Confidential Secretary and Blake Bell as Town Historian.


During the Legislative Meeting it was announced that any Town Employee declining medical coverage will receive an opt-out fee of $2,000.  During Public Comment, resident Ed Doty asked if any progress was made for installation of an elevator and any provisions including signs made for anyone needing to be carried up the stairs.


Doty was informed that bids will be going out when the weather clears and the Court Clerk would be notified if anyone needed assistance; McLaughlin averred that with enough handicapped people attending the meeting, it could be held in the Town House which is ADA complaint.


During the Supervisor’s Report, Szymanski stated that she attended an awareness training seminar regarding cyber security and “phishing,” exercising caution in opening e-mails. The AOL account will be replaced by a ‘townofpelham.com’ signature.


“The State audited us for potential Malware and comprehensive Information Technology (IT) policies are in place.”