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Village of Pelham BOT Meeting Showcases Village’s Burgeoning Development

By Stephen E. Lipken


The December 12 Village of Pelham Board of Trustees meeting showcased the development of three prime rental properties, including Site Plan, Subdivision and Authorization to Cluster 185-195 Lincoln Avenue; Site Plan for 8 Boulevard West and Proposed Development at 101 Wolfs Lane.


In addition, Mayor Michael J. Volpe mentioned a pending proposal for 163 Wolfs Lane at the Citgo Service Station properties contiguous to the Picture House and announced the impending retirement of Department of Public Works (DPW) General Foreman Michael Shriman.


Volpe reminded Board members that the Public Hearing for Site Plan of 185-195 Lincoln Avenue, presented by Lincoln Pelham Partners LLC was closed. The application addresses mapping, landscaping, underground tank closure (since it was a service station), geotechnical investigation and stormwater pollution prevention plan.


There are five attached homes, each with its own lot, plus a sixth parcel, a common lot that each homeowner will contribute to the Homeowners Association (HOA) who will maintain it. Volpe cited a letter from New Rochelle Commissioner of Development Luiz C. Aragon expressing concern for Pelham 185-195 Lincoln Avenue residents parking overnight in New Rochelle.  “It is my contention that…parking in front of the units will be adequate,” Volpe replied.


The 8 Boulevard West development will have 16 units consisting of eight 3-bedroom units; seven 2-bedrooms and one 1-bedroom with a den to accommodate the Fitness center.


Architect Michael Tribe, Peter Gisolfi Associates said that the proposed development at 101 Wolfs Lane would be a five-story, mixed-use Transit Oriented Development including 58 residential units plus a Pedestrian Arcade leading to Village Parking Lot and 7,000 square feet commercial space.


Mayor Volpe introduced Michael Ruggiero, Boy Scout Troop 11, New Rochelle who has been refurbishing the Highbrook Highline Bridge for his Eagle Scout project; fellow Scout Woods Johnson plans to continue Ruggiero’s work.


Trustee Chance Mullen reported the results of the Sanitation Survey.  “We had 350 respondents,” Mullen noted; “78.5% said that they utilize Rear Yard Pickup; 21.5% brought their garbage to the curb. Regarding reasons, 59% responded, ‘convenience;’ 40% ‘property aesthetics;’ 30%, ‘no particular reason;’ 10%, ‘health reasons.”  Volpe recounted “an animated phone conversation” with a citizen who stressed that eliminating Rear Pickup would reduce his ability to sell his home. Discussion will continue.



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