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Mullen Announces Inauguration of COVID-19 Phase 1

By Stephen E. Lipken


On May 26, Village of Pelham Mayor Chance Mullen opened the remotely-held Board of Trustees meeting noting the inauguration of COVID-19 Phase 1 opening in Westchester County. Various businesses such as construction, agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting, retail trade for curbside pickup and various types of manufacturing are now open during this 14-day Phase 1 period. Phase 2 – if all goes well, to begin on June 9th – will include professional services, administrative support, real estate, and, rental and leasing. Mayor Mullen stated, “This is a situation that we will be dealing with, at least until January 2021 until Coronavirus is gone or we have a vaccine.”


Village Administrator Omar T. Small said that he is following up on the total expenses for the Maple Avenue sewer issue and will forward the final tally to NYSDOT as well as noting the paved-over manhole cover.


Updating the Lincoln Avenue project, Small stated that DOT has awarded the bridge contract to Halmar International Construction LLC with M.G. McLaren Engineering, New York City.   “New York City Planning has reached out to the Village for a Corridor Economic Development, engaging many communities along the New Haven Train Line.


“Cable franchise negotiation will ramp up with Altice. The Lincoln Avenue walking assessment report was sent to staff, asking them to assess priority of things to implement along Lincoln Avenue,” Small concluded.


During Other Business, Trustee Hanan Kamal-Eldahry discussed the possibility of inaugurating a Food Scrap Recycling Program as organized by Ron Schulhof and Michelle Sterling in Scarsdale and Trustee Ariel Spira Cohen, Traffic Safety and Calming Committee talked about the feasibility of closing streets to vehicle traffic for local residents.


Mullen then mentioned that an outdoor market might work better if one lane of traffic was closed down, adding that he will ask Village Attorney Jim Staudt how to move regarding the need for sidewalk café permits.