7.8.20 - 8.4.20   vol. 16

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Village of Pelham Hosts Productive Trustees Meetings in June

By Stephen E. Lipken


Village of Pelham Mayor Chance Mullen convened a remote Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday, June 9th, immediately calling for Trustees’ Reports.


Trustee Hanan Kamal Eldahry reported that she and Mayor Mullen attended a very productive session with Ron Schulhof and Michelle Sterling regarding their Food Waste Recycling Program at Scarsdale in conjunction with the County and she will keep the public updated regarding options to fund a possible Village program.


Village Clerk Terri Rouke will investigate obtaining sidewalk café permits, following NYS Department of Health social distancing guidelines and State liquor permits. Mullen discussed retail establishments using sidewalks for sales, like sidewalk cafes.


Administrator Omar Small said that work on the Lincoln Avenue Bridge will begin late June/early July.  Residents will get pre/post construction surveys. A temporary bridge will be erected.  The project will mitigate Hutchinson Parkway flooding along with stoplight synchronization and ADA-compliant striping.

Discussion then turned to the proposed Crown Communications Monopole in Pelham Manor.

Along with a letter of support, Small will discuss PM’s suggested location, near I-95 with Village Manager John Pierpont.


Finally, two Resolutions were passed; one authorizing an Inter-Municipal Agreement with Westchester County and Village for Solid Waste and Recyclables Disposal for Refuse District #1; the second, Amendment No. 1 to Contract #2019-03, Garbage, Recycling and Organic Waste Collection with Oak Ridge Hauling LLC.


At the Monday, June 23rd meeting, Susan Mutti, Co-Founder, Friends of Highbrook Highline, decried the fact that Woods Johnson’s Eagle Scout bridge line project has been overtaken by weeds.  Mutti requested application of herbicide, scoring lack of response from the Board.


She mentioned the amount of $344 to replace plantings destroyed by weeds and fencing installation by Giacorp. Mullen recommended negotiating with Giacorp and submitting a request for plant reimbursement.


Mullen disseminated Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Order No. 203, “NYS Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative”, referring to a website letter from Pelham Police Chief Jason Pallett.  The letter reads in part, “In 2019, the Pelham Police Department started embracing systemic police reforms…The Pelham Police Department already practices the concepts of the “8 Can’t Wait” campaign, including banning chokeholds, requiring de-escalation, warning before shooting…exhausting alternatives before shooting, a duty to intervene, bans shooting at moving vehicles…”


Mayor Mullen said that measures taken to comply with the Governor’s Memorandum must be submitted by April 2021.