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Michael Recca (left) issuing a marriage license to Greg Sanchez (Class of 2005) and his fiancée.

First Saturday office hours for Pelham Town Clerk a Success!

Pelham Town Clerk Michael Recca’s first Saturday office hours were a success as he issued a marriage license, four fishing licenses, a dog license and assisted with three passport renewals.


“I’m pleased to announce I will open my office again on a Saturday morning for the convenience of town residents at no additional cost to taxpayers,” Recca said.  “We had a good start and I am sure the others will be a success as well.”


“Trying to get a fishing license during the work week is hard, because I run a small business, and I can’t really take my attention away from it during regular hours,” Pelham Town resident Maurice Owen-Micchane said.  “Thanks to Town Clerk Mike Recca, I was able to get my license at a time that worked for me.”


Recca noted that hunting licenses for 2018 are available.  The Town Clerk’s office also issues marriage, fishing and dog licenses, issues parking permits for the disabled, sells E-Zpass tags, updates voter registration information and provides access to Town records.


Appointments are recommended and can be made by sending an email to ToPTownClerk@aol.com or by calling 914-738-0777 during weekday business hours (9AM to 4PM, Monday to Thursday, 9AM to 12PM on Friday through Labor Day).


(Please note:  Village of Pelham Manor residents must obtain dog licenses and disabled parking permits from their Village clerk.)



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