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Left to right: Pelham Chamber of Commerce President Clayton Bushong and Amy Rios requesting authorization for the 7th Annual  Pelham Picture House “Funraiser” at Wolfs Lane Park on Saturday, September 15, which was passed.

101 Wolfs Lane Public Hearing Continues

By Stephen E. Lipken


Deputy Mayor Adam Kagan called June 26th Village of Pelham Board of Trustees meeting to order.


Support for the 101 Wolfs Lane Development was generally positive along with concerns expressed about traffic and additional children.


Robert Cortez stressed that the development will eradicate an unsightly vacant lot and improve the look of Wolfs Lane.  “The development will add sorely needed rental units for long-term residents such as my wife and me.  We love this Village but are now empty-nesters, fast approaching a time when we need to downsize.  As of now, there simply aren’t that many alternatives.”


Penni Urquhart submitted a letter supporting the project but requesting that the development be scaled back to 28 instead of 58 units, plus easing traffic on Sparks Avenue by changing the entrance to Wolfs Lane and forming a safety committee encompassing some residents from Sparks/Manning and a Trustee.


The Public Hearing will continue on July 10th.


Amy Rios requested approval for a Village Street Fair on Saturday, September 8.  Pelham Chamber of Commerce President Clayton Bushong and Rios then requested authorization for the 7th Annual Pelham Picture House “Funraiser” at Wolfs Lane Park on Saturday, September 15, which was passed.


Next, Noel Tirsch talked about proposed Local Law 5, filming in the Village.


In the Mayor’s Report, Kagan read a Statement into the Record, strongly deploring separation of children from their parents at the Southern Border.


In the Trustee Reports, Hanan Kamal Eldahry stated that there will be a Power Point presentation on gun safety in July.  “A lot of what we are working on is already being enforced,” Eldahry noted. “Some of the things recommended to us by the Progressive Women of Pelham included keeping track of the amount of ammunition and firearms sold in the Village.”


Peter Potocki congratulated Mayor Michael Volpe on his announcement to run for Lieutenant Governor on an Independent Party Line. Ariel Spira-Cohen remarked that 29 homeowners signed Solarize Pelham contracts; commercial property owners have until October to decide.



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