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Mayor Discusses Spring Road Recycling Program

By Stephen E. Lipken


Pelham Manor Mayor Jennifer Monachino Lapey convened the Monday, October 28th Board of Trustees meeting, reporting a “very productive meeting in the field” with William Friedland, owner of Four Corners Complex, incorporating Lenny’s Bagels; Four Corners Pizza; dry cleaner, “Fashion Care” and CVS Pharmacy, regarding “the importance of that site and its related vibrancy for our community to facilitate traffic flow, letting of the storefronts, appearance of the building and surrounding area.  Mr. Friedland was very positive.”


Lapey said that she spoke to former Pelham Preservation and Garden Society Chair Arthur Scinta about choosing an historically appropriate “Tudoresque” paint color for the building.  Trustee Michelle DeLillo discussed getting in touch with CVS corporate offices about the looks of their building. Lapey affirmed that CVS has some fractured brick pieces and water staining.  “We’re hopeful that this is the first step in open dialogue with the Friedland organization.”


Noting that Village strategy adopts best environmental practices, balanced with fiscal responsibility, Lapey went on to say that they operate a robust organic waste program, recycling 65% of items entering their waste stream. “We collaborate with Westchester County, participating in their recycling program at County’s Material Recovery Center.

“We also offer an electronic waste recycling program at no charge, on site at Spring Road which involves an Intermunicipal Agreement with New York State, who owns the land.”  Lapey discussed Village’s mulching organic yard waste at Spring Road including grass clippings, leaves, Christmas Trees, and storm-related debris, turning them into free compost.


Trustee Michelle DeLillo pointed out that the LED streetlights, installed long before any grants were in place, have reduced Village energy consumption by 1/3.


In another green measure, Village trash is burned in a controlled environment at Charles Point, Peekskill, providing energy for 67,000 homes in an EPA and DEC-regulated facility which the County contractor operates in public/private partnership in a closed environment and is considered by EPA to be a renewable resource.




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