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Don’t Forget About Fido in Your Estate Plan

The time to focus on your estate planning is now. If you do, then you will have taken a giant step towards making things easier for your family and loved ones. If you don’t, then things can get extremely complicated and expensive after you die or become incapacitated. Typically, with estate planning, start the process with thoughts regarding assets, planning for  spouse and children and sometimes who they want to receive their tangible personal property, including jewelry, furnishings, and art. But what about your dog or other pet; have you given any thought to who would take care of him if you could not?  

TABLE HOPPING with Morris Gut


Girl in Transit: The Cowboy Poetry Gathering Celebrating Ranch Life of the American West

When you hear the word Cowboy, what comes to mind?  A robust, strong, no-nonsense individual, right?  So, Cowboy Poetry?  Yes.