9.18.20 - 10.6.20   vol. 16

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A Manhattan-Style Salon – Nicholas Day Spa & Salon Celebrates Decades of Special Service in the Heart of Pelham

As Nicholas Day Spa & Salon celebrates their vision of a “one stop shop” for everything relaxing and filled with beauty, we sat down with Director, Adrienne Brini to find out how this all began and to take a look at the future of this Pelham mainstay.


Adrienne, how did you come across “Nix”?

I was a Spa Consultant in London, for a company that was opening an, American-Style Day Spa. The concept was very “American” – one stop shop – everything in a New York minute thought process. I received a call about a gentleman who was interested in evolving his existing salon into a full-service day spa & salon in Pelham. After connecting with him, I returned to the States in July of 1999 and viola . . . the rest is history!


What has been the most rewarding aspect of your journey as a businesswoman?

Realizing we have created a business that has sustained through the generations! Watching the kids getting ready to leave for college and being able to say, “I remember when your mom was expecting you!” or “Your grandparents came here, before their dinner date, every Saturday evening.” It makes you reflect upon the many years and realize what you set out to do was a success.


What has been the most challenging, besides COVID-19?

Without a doubt, September 11th changed everything we knew about operating a business.  Before September 11th, businesses knew how to forecast - busy times were busy, slow times were slow.  When we first opened, we closed for the last week in August, and the first week in January - Pelham was so quiet.  After 9/11, clients stayed local.  There was less travel, and clients working in NYC, wanted to be out of the city at the end of their workday.  Everyone wanted to know if we could provide the services they receive in the city, here in Pelham. Of course we could!  And we could do it without the 10K a month rental overhead!


Has 2020 been the most difficult for you personally and professionally?

Ironically, 2020 has been inspiring!  For the first time in 20 years we were all forced to stop, and take a breath.  It gave us time to refocus and come back to center.  The realization was, we love what we do, who we do it with, and who we do it for!  There was a calm knowing we had 20 years of clientele we would be ready to welcome back when we reopened.  We spent hours during the lock-down, checking in with everyone, because we were so used to seeing them so often!  When we could open again, we were ready.


Now that reopening is slowly happening, what are your plans for your spa?

We realize how people feel & look are so very intertwined. Something as simple as a haircut puts the pep back in many people’s step - not just women!  We have had a fabulous influx of men, mostly spouses of our regular clients, who have come to enjoy the salon & spa. Salon & Spa is usually 80% female.  It would be amazing to get the men hooked on what we women have known all along - there are few things that makes you feel better like a great haircut and a massage!


Over the last 20 years how do you feel Pelham has grown along with you?

Perhaps it is because I am getting older, but there seems to be a great influx of young & new families in Pelham.  It’s as if they have generated a fresh, new perspective for our community.  They are so active in Small Business support, and have done so much to keep us afloat during the Pandemic.  We love meeting the “first haircut” contenders, as there is a good chance, in the years to follow, we will be fitting their veils for their wedding.


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