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Bring Your Home and Garden to Life this Spring!

Spring 2017. Time to get out your to-do list for the annual Spring Cleaning event. As the temperatures rise outside, you can open those windows and doors, letting in all the Spring has to offer. But, are you noticing a little wear and tear on those windows? Is the door in need of replacement? What about that garden? Some of the latest home and garden makeover trends include exciting and clever materials that add punch and style to your home.



Cabinets are an absolute essential, it doesn’t matter where they are in your house. Whether they are located in your home-business office, dining room or kitchen – quality, character and uniqueness are a must. Maybe it’s time to explore that wine cellar you’ve been dreaming about. Perhaps you’re tired of the “cookie-cutter” cabinets in your kitchen or want to renovate an unused room into a home office … custom cabinetry is the answer to oddly shaped rooms and mass-produced boring designs. Utilizing all available space by having custom cabinetry built is Second Generation’s forte. Height and function are some of the top priorities that the staff at Second Generation (ad on page 8) take into consideration. Accommodating the homeowners needs and requirements is a must. Imagine what it would be like if you had drawers in your kitchen than were expressly designed to store your food processor or mixer when not in use, image all the counter space that would be saved. Wall hanging cabinets can be designed with diffused lighting or they can have different door designs; some glass while the others are solid. There is no end to what can be done.

Most custom cabinetry would not be complete without proper countertops. There is no need to stick with basic pre-fabricated laminates, you can enjoy the features of natural stone or the unimaginable durability of manmade tops using quartz and a resin binder. Second Generation will work closely with you to make your dreams of what constitutes a perfect kitchen or any room in your home come true.



Planting a sensational container garden is one of the latest trends in gardening today. Although this type of gardening requires less time and space than inground planting, the thought process in terms of plant material, container, budget and homeowner style are crucial. This is where Pelham resident Tracee Neumann and The Garden Room (ad on page 10) come in.


An artful garden that includes containers can be a beautiful process. Tracee can begin by finding your garden style…whether it is modern, Asian, traditional…then find the right size, shape and material for the vessel. The correct pot adds an artistic element to your garden. Do you have a color scheme in mind or a particular plant you’d like as a focal point? Planters by Tracee are extensions of your vision. Whether it is succulent plantings or elaborate displays, Tracee is the creative powerhouse that will make your front porch, patio, walkway or even the interior of your home stunning.


Some of the latest trends include experimenting with height and scale. Using a few extra-large containers within your existing garden might give it a “wow” factor.



Swapping out your old sliding glass door for brand new folding glass doors that lead to a beautiful spring garden and patio, has been a big trend for the last few years.


Increased glazing now provides even greater insulation and the latest designs allow for a less-obstructed view of the outside. K.O. Construction Corp. can advise on which doors and windows are the best for your home. Ask about slimline and even frameless doors that help you expand your space and invite the outside in with minimal obstruction and maximum energy efficiency.


K.O. Construction Corp. (ad on page 11) is fully equipped and licensed to design and create high-end additions, renovations and more to your home.



Even though Spring conjures up thoughts of new beginnings and fresh starts…you might own piece of furniture that just needs a bit of restoration for its new beginning. Eral Bettistea, of Pelham’s Furniture Care – Antique Restoration (ad on page 10) begins this process with an in-depth study into the origins and context of any particular piece. Then, relying on his extensive knowledge of historical and modern techniques, Bettistea selects the exact methods to use in the project. He will consider not only the period of the piece but also the wood type and other materials found in the piece, and the particular processes that were used in its original construction and finishing.


Understanding the materials and original techniques uses in the construction of any piece, such as glues, shellac, patina, etc. is extremely important to Furniture Care – Antique Restoration and they will reinvigorate the original piece, replicating as much as possible.



When considering changes to your home, whether it is an addition, a new kitchen, fencing or landscaping…a smart thing to do is find out what your home is worth now and then after the renovation. The team at Joan Solimine Real Estate can do that for you. If you are contemplating putting your house on the market, Joan Solimine Real Estate (ad page 9) understand that it needs to be sold for top dollar and in a timely manner.


Visit their website at joansre.com and preview similar properties for sale, tour neighborhoods and even get to know the staff. They work closely with every client, utilizing all the tools at their disposal to offer guidance and success in getting top dollar for your home or getting you into the home of your dreams.


Now that you’ve spruced up your home for Spring, it might be time to let Meridian Risk Management manage your home insurance. They can manage your risk professionally with great insight and understanding. For over 40 years, the Meridian Risk family embody the priorities set by founder Joe Solimine, Sr. – knowledge, integrity, family and community. Meridian provides expert consulting and offers a wide array of insurance and financial products.


Making the decision to invest in your home and garden is a major step. Whether the project is on a large scale or a smaller improvement, Joe Solimine, Jr. and his team at Meridan Risk Management (ad on page 9) will be there to re-evaluate your insurance needs to keep you and your family safe.



Whether you are adding on a bathroom or updating one this Spring...there are careful decisions to be made. Jerry Tomic of Top Drawer (ad on page 12) and his highly professional carpenters can make your decisions come to life in the best way.


Tomic will sit down with you and your family to determine you exact needs...functionality, style, choice of materials, colors and budget. “We treat each client like they are they only one,” said Tomic, “We listen carefully and thoughtfully and make suggestions during the design process.”


Perhaps your bathroom needs better functionality and better storage. Top Drawer’s carpenters design exquisite custom cabinetry and do the architectural millwork themselves. This cuts down on the wait time from another mill and allows for proper matching of other cabinetry that might already be in place....custom craftmanship at its finest.


If you have a more modern flair and are adding on a brand new bathroom, there are so many possibilities in terms of tiles, stone, concrete, etc. Tomic offes the highest quality products and designs. “The best part of my job is meeting with clients and giving them my ideas.”


One of the trends this year is the use of clean lines, dark woods and concrete slabs. Large stone tiles that go from floor to ceiling create a very modern and bold statement.

Of course, bathrooms are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of Top Drawer’s capabilities. Call them for your restoration projects, kitchen and new construction work as well.



Picture a well-maintained lawn with luxurious green grass, flourishing plants and flowers...a soothing and relaxing environment to calm out hectic and busy days. This beautiful outdoor space needs careful maintenance in the Spring and year-round.

A well-thought out lawn and garden sprinkler system is the best solution in maintaining a beautiful lawn. This minimizes manual effort and at the same time significantly reduces water wastage.


Joseph Dellaripa, a Pelham resident for over 20 years is a nationally certified irrigation contractor that knows his business inside and out.


Joe can assess your lawn and garden’s irrigation needs and design entire system around it. An automatic lawn water sprinkler system can be easily adjusted to regulate the amount of water that is needed for a specific area on your lawn. They are also easy to use. Some of Joe’s clients prefer to make adjustments along the way themselves, while others rely on Joe’s years of experience to determine the best functionality along the way.


Joe Dellaripa (ad on page 12) offers the most up-to-date sprinklers systems that dispense just the right amount of water to keep a lawn green and fresh. Eliminating water wastage and keeping your lawn well irrigated, the sprinklers systems from Joe Dellaripa are a cost effective solution and just what your lawn needs for a green and blooming environment.





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