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Danilee’s Helping Hands Opens on

Wolfs Lane


DaniLee’s Helping Hands was founded by sisters Danielle and Alyssa Marrero who have been childcare providers for over ten years. Throughout these years they have worked with 90 families throughout Westchester. This inspired them to create DaniLee’s in order to alleviate the daily stress of families by providing a safe, enjoyable, and loving environment for children of all ages. Alyssa is a certified teacher in New York State, a Pelham alumni, and has a Bachelor of Science in Childhood Education and Special Education with a Masters of Education in Literacy.  Danielle is a youth advocate for Pelham Together, a non for profit organization based in Pelham. She is also a Pelham alumni with an Associate Degree of Social Sciences, a certification in Youth Mental Health First Aid, a Teacher’s assistant certificate, and is currently completing her Bachelor of Psychology.


In a time when parents have to give extra support to their children academically, causing them to take on the responsibilities of teachers, DaniLee’s Helping Hands steps in by providing academic help. Homework support in all major subjects, read alouds, movement breaks, small group learning, and one-on-one attention are all a part of the learning experience at DaniLee’s. DaniLee’s also offers daily routine assistance, online read alouds, guided hands-on activities, and virtual playdate facilitation. The imagination station is also offered, which provides children with hands-on learning experiences. These include STEAM, virtual zoo tours, experiments, and museum experiences. Children are also able to participate in the arts at DaniLee’s with dancing, karaoke, arts and crafts, and baking in order to encourage creative thinking and provide a break from their daily routine.


Thanks to the $1.27 million in CARES Act, which awarded funding to remote learning centers throughout Westchester, DaniLee’s has been able to put extra safety precautions in place. Activities at DaniLee’s have become much more outdoor oriented and virtual meetings are being held, which include baking and arts and crafts. As part of their product line Alyssa and Danielle have teamed up with two companies who provide consumers with innovative pathogen control technology. These products have ingredients from a plant extracting process that has been proven to be highly effective against common and uncommon pathogens. These products are organic, Non-GMO, certified US-EPA, and FDA approved. They are also effective against H1N1, MRSA, and most recently COVID-19. The store’s filtration system has also been enhanced through the ventilation system with MERV-13 filters that catch 90% of particles in the 3-10 µm range, including COVID-19.

 DaniLee’s is also utilizing the “Sterionizer”, an environmentally friendly device that disinfects the air through bipolar ionization, which has proven to be 99% effective in neutralizing COVID-19. These products make it possible to provide children with a safe space to learn.


Daniele and Alysa Marrero make equal efforts to create a family with the children in their center and treat them as if they were their own. They do this by going out of their way to make sure all of the children feel comfortable and safe with their covid safety precautions and online school support. Visit www.danileeshelpinghands.org to learn more about this amazing business. To contact DaniLee’s call Danielle at (914)-924-1367, Alyssa at (914)-380-2046, or the store at (914)-235- 3581. You can also email the business at danileeshelpinghands@gmail.com.